FACT # 268

10 May
Ten Interesting Facts on Guitar
  • #1 Biggest electric guitar in the world is 13.26 meters long, 1023 kg build in 2001.
  • #2 A seven stringed guitar is known as “Gypsy Guitar” or “Russian guitar”.
  • #3 An average guitar range is almost four Octaves.
  • #4 The 1st Electric guitar was created in 1931, it has metal body.
  • #5 1st wooden electric guitar was created in 1950.
  • #6 Mostly toilets flush in E flat.
  • #7 Jimi Hendrix is the influential guitarist of all the time.
  • #8 The smallest guitar is only 10 microns long, is created by masters of the Cornell university.
  • #9 The expensive guitar was sold at a charity auction for $2.8 million (rupees 28 Lakh), signed by 19 famous guitarists.
  • #10 Chris Black Englishman married with a guitar in 1995, it was Fender Stratocaster.

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