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FACT # 269

People Judge You with 7 Small Things

1. Your handwriting


According to a study, the way someone writes and the size of their handwriting can tell you certain things about the person. According to the research which was conducted by the National Pen Company, it is revealed that persons with small handwriting tend to be shy, meticulous and studious while people who were more outgoing tried gaining attention with larger handwriting.

Those who take things seriously put more pressure on the pen when they write, while light-handed writers typically tend to be empathetic and are more sensitive.

2. Your color


According to an article on Psychology Today, the color you frequently turn to for clothes or are more akin to says a lot about who you are. People who frequently choose black are sensitive, artistic and attentive to details, while those who love red live life to the fullest and proactive in their endeavors.

People who love green are loyal and affectionate, while those who love white are organized and logical, and those who have blue as their favorite color are stable, sensitive and are considerate of others.

3. Biting your nails


Certain body-focused repetitive behaviors can say a lot about your personality. How your body reacts to situations, whether by pulling your hair, biting your nails or picking at your skin could elicit impatience, frustration, boredom and dissatisfaction.

Take nail biting for example. According to a research, it is suggested that those who bite their nails tend to be perfectionists, while also tense and often nervous.

4. Your shoes


According to psychologists, you can correctly judge a person just by looking at their shoes. According to the lead researcher Omri Gillath from the University of Kansas, just by examining the cost, style, color and condition of the shoe, you can be able to guess about 90% of the owner’s personal characteristic such as his or her income, political affiliation, gender, and even age.

5. Your eyes


Your eyes are the mirror to your soul. Your eyes can tell a lot about you, what you are thinking and feeling and if you are either deceitful or loyal. According to studies, people with blue eyes are less agreeable and more likely to be alcoholics than people with darker eyes.

Another way the eye gives you away is that a lack of steady eye contact would reveal a lack of self-control and a weak will.

6. Your punctuality


How early or late you show up for an appointment or a meeting could form an impression, either negative or positive, about your personality. Being late for an important date means you are creating a negative impression about who you are, while being early for an appointment means you are considerate about other people’s time, and are both mentally organized and self-motivated.

7. Your handshake


It has been discovered that people with a strong handshake exude confidence and reflect a strong and confident character. Such people are also more likely to be extroverted, being expressive of their emotions, and less likely to be placid.

People with weak handshakes, on the other hand, lack confidence and always tend to want the easy way out of a challenge. Offering a handshake alone could be the different between appearing standoffish or sincerely friendly.

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FACT # 268

Ten Interesting Facts on Guitar
  • #1 Biggest electric guitar in the world is 13.26 meters long, 1023 kg build in 2001.
  • #2 A seven stringed guitar is known as “Gypsy Guitar” or “Russian guitar”.
  • #3 An average guitar range is almost four Octaves.
  • #4 The 1st Electric guitar was created in 1931, it has metal body.
  • #5 1st wooden electric guitar was created in 1950.
  • #6 Mostly toilets flush in E flat.
  • #7 Jimi Hendrix is the influential guitarist of all the time.
  • #8 The smallest guitar is only 10 microns long, is created by masters of the Cornell university.
  • #9 The expensive guitar was sold at a charity auction for $2.8 million (rupees 28 Lakh), signed by 19 famous guitarists.
  • #10 Chris Black Englishman married with a guitar in 1995, it was Fender Stratocaster.

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