FACT # 228

05 Oct

Gmail Doesn’t Differentiate Between the Usernames “My.Id” And “M.Yid”


Why Google’s Gmail system regard all username with different positions of period/dot (.) as a single email id only.

When the company launch Gmail, they have made a decision that all mail which is sent to your username would go to your mailbox, regardless of whether any dots were added.

This way, users who do not need to memorize whether their email id is bhavin.shah or bhavinshah or — they will get all their emails sent to those id into a single mail box only.

Dots for Gmail are like punctuation in phone numbers, it doesn’t matter whether you write +1-234-555-6789, or 1.234.555.6789, or 1 (234) 555-6789, and are still the same phone number.

In Addition, for example, if you give out to marketing lists, you can have those emails go into a particular folder. If you give in a job search, you can have those emails go into a different folder, etc.

Try Yourself:

If your email id is e.g.:, send email to, or place dot (.) at any position and send mail. All are delivered to a single inbox.

What Does It Conclude – that once u obtains a Gmail id, it will be yours irrespective of any dots present or not. No one else can comprehend the same id with any number/position of dots in between that username. In addition, if you use filters and/or labels in Gmail this could be useful.

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Posted by on October 5, 2012 in General Facts


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