FACT # 226

03 Oct

Did you know that Whatsapp has several security concerns?

 I just found some interesting facts about Whatsapp and why you as a business user should avoid using whatsapp on you Business BB’s

1. In May 2011 there was a security hole reported in WhatsApp which left user accounts open for hijacking.[7] According to some sources, it is believed that this hack was performed, and later fixed by helping WhatsApp reproduce it on Android and Symbian, by Liroy van Hoewijk, CEO of

Ok this might got fix but if there is one hole there might be more

2. Since May 2011 it has been reported that communications made by WhatsApp are not encrypted, and data is sent and received in plaintext, meaning messages can easily be read if packet traces are available.[10] In May of 2012 security researchers noted that new updates of WhatsApp no longer sent messages as plaintext

This means IF you use it update it!

3.In September 2011 a new version of the WhatsApp Messenger application for iPhones was released. In this new version, the developer has closed a number of critical security holes that allowed forged messages to be sent and messages from any WhatsApp user to be read.

4.On January 6, 2012 an unknown hacker published a website ( which made it possible to change the status of an arbitrary whatsapp user, as long as the phone number was known. To let it work it only required a restart of the app. According to the hacker it is only one of the many security issues in Whatsapp. On the 9th of January Whatsapp reported to have implemented a final solution. In reality the only measure that was taken was blocking the website’s IP-address. As a reaction a Windows tool was made available for download providing the same functionality. This issue has not been resolved until now. The first notification of this issue has been reported to Whatsapp in September 2011.

5. On January 13, 2012, Whatsapp was pulled from the iOS App Store. The reason was undisclosed. The app was added back to the App Store 1 week later.

6. German “Stiftung Warentest” which is testing all kinds of products reported that Whatsapp is sending the whole addressbook unencrypted to a US server where it gets stored.

So if you have contacts that you do not want to share with ever company – you should block whatsapp or think about to rely on SMS and BBM.

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